Wheel turn around 360° for test on startup

Hi all,

on startup of my DD1 the wheel turns for test purposes.

Sometimes it turns ~ 180° to the right and then back to the initial position (center). But sometimes it turns 360° to the initial position. Have this behaviour for months/years with different driver/firmeware packages with/without fanalab. Didn´t bother me for sure.

But since I use a 3rd party wheel (with USB cable) the 360 turn is a problem because of 2 reasons.

1) The cable will get stretched if I don´t reverse the 360 turn

but this cause problem number 2)

I have to turn the wheel 45° to the right from the center to activate high torque. But this is only possible from the "new" center position after the 360 turn.

Any reason/setting for this? Now I unplug/plug the USB cable to arrange the cable with the new position but it´s a bit annyoing...?

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