Shipping time

I bought the ClubSport Steering Wheel RS in pre-order on 10/19/21 with an availability date of 11/10/21.

On 10/11/21 the order was processed, so I thought it would be shipped that day or the next day at the latest.

After 3 days the product has not been shipped, I have contacted the chat and the excuse they have given me is that the transport sector has too much work.

Maybe it would be good to send the products with more transport companies and thus not have this type of problems. 


  • David ChiengDavid Chieng Member
    edited November 12

    I only received my order 10 days after my availability date.

  • Give it a litle time.

    I am in the same situation, although i pre-orderd mine in juli.

    Has been delayed 2 times know, i can wait for a week or two more.

    I dont think it would make sence to use more transporting companies. Everybody is busy these days, especialy now corona is making a comeback.

  • Austin MooreAustin Moore Member
    edited November 17

    My orders were processed on the 10th and everything is available for shipping. It has now been a full week and only 1 item has shipped, 90% of my order has not even shipped yet so you cant blame FedEx for the delay! WTF is going on Fanatec? I chose you guys because everyone said how good and fast your shipping was (yes even during Covid). I'm starting to regret my decision.

  • Watch for a shipping notice from FedX.

    My order hasn't been updated on the site, but the package was shipped Monday.

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