Clubsport Pedals (first generation) electronics are broken. Anybody willing to sell this PCB?

I am an "old school 😀" Fanatec driver (2 Porsche GT2 wheels, PS3, Xbox 360, Club sport paddles and gearbox for split screen racing). It is still a lot of fun.

But... one throttle on one Padel set doesn't respond anymore. This PCB (see picture) is not available anymore as a spare part. Is there anybody

willing to sell this to me, otherwise I have to buy a complete new Club Sport Pedal set?

any advise and certainly any offer will be appreciated!


  • Failing that a lot of PCB issues can be solved by baking the PCB in the oven just enough that the solder starts flowing and fixes any broken or dry joints. You'd have to Google the temp and time required in the oven. I've fixed two TVs and two DJI Phantom Drone controllers in the past using that method.

  • I have nothing to loose great advice thx.

    I am still wondering if somebody has this PCB from an old Pedal set and not using it anymore.

  • Jack PickettJack Pickett Member
    edited November 19

    Are you sure it's the PCB. Could be the Hall sensor on the pedal gone bad. Also check the wiring to see maybe if you got a broken wire.

    You can check it by just switching the connector for the throttle and clutch to determine if it's the sensor. If it is a sensor, check the wiring.

    BTW, the PCB and Hall sensors are interchangeable for the V1 and V2 pedals.

  • I did the arduino suggestion above and it works.

  • Hi Jack great advice this I will try follow-up tomorrow. Let you know the outcome.

    Hopefully you are right. I have two sets and I can exchange the PCB from one set to the other to figure this out.

    (i wil change the connector throttle and clutch first)

  • are the V2 pedals still available? In that case it is strange because Fanatec wrote me that my PCB is not anymore on stock.

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