Force Feedback Problems - Changes from weak to strong.

I use to use irffb and my FFB strength was as strong as I wanted it. I've noticed that when I go into a race server, the FFB strength is great. Then as soon as the race starts and the server loads me in, my FFB is like 40% as strong and giving me information through the wheel as it was.

I uninstalled irffb and ran iRacing with it's regular FFB. In Fanatec Wheel Properties I set the FFB to 90 and in iRacing I set the FFB settings to Strength: 10 and the other setting to 20nm

So I joined a race tonight, and the same thing happened. Qualifying my wheel was fine, but then when the race started, it went back to like 40% the strength.


At one point in the race going around a corner, I felt the wheel motor almost jolt as I went over a curb, and then the FFB worked again at the strength and fidelity that it normally does.

Any idea what this could be?


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