New types of button clusters

Any chance that Fanatec is working on different types of button clusters for their universal hubs? Seems strange that they only sell the 3 button clusters when a button cluster with rotary encoders or toggle switches could be more useful for a lot of situations.


  • Agreed. I would've liked a round wheel with a universal hub, but went with the McLaren wheel because it offers more functionality for a smaller price. If there were rotary and toggle switch clusters available, I might have made a different choice.

  • I agree my CS UH feels pretty limited compared to my F1 V2.

    But most annoying is that most race games have no way to switch controller profiles like for instance ACC does.

    I figure they'll be focusing on some button boxes or displays that can be attached to wheel bases with the new CSL DD's usb-c data port for future peripherals

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