Horizon 5 Center Steering Slack


I am on the CSL DD with the WRC installed.

When playing FH5 on PC, the center of the steering feels loose, there is a lot of slack, like in old cars. When I start turning the FFB gets strong and tight but driving straight in a race or down the long motorway feels bad.

What setting would I need to adjust to tighten that up? I am new to all this.

Note: The game keeps freezing for me too, free-roaming works somewhat, trying to avoid any cut scenes until the Hotfix patch comes out.


  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Alexander,

    Have you tried raising the NFR value? This adds extra resistance to steering rotation so would help to give you a heavier feel in the centre.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Mam też takie odczucie, luz kierownicy w środku, dokładnie tak jak opisałem powyżej, jakby ff odbił się jadąc prosto, podstawą jest sport klubowy 2.5 Ja też mam taki objaw, na postoju lub podczas jazdy, kiedy skręcam aż do oporu drży kierownica, aż przesunie całą podstawę, rama, czy tak powinno być, czy mam coś uszkodzonego? Mam uniwersalny hub dla xbox i gram na xbox series x, czy coś na hubie mogę przełączyć?

  • I think the "Force Feedback Load Sensitivity" setting is the culprit here. This setting affects the counter-force the wheel produces the faster you go. In my opinion something is of in the game, because every setting bigger than 0.5 leads to the effect of very strong centering force even at low speed and minimal steering input. My IG settings are:

    • FFB Scale 1.0
    • Center Spring Scale 0.2
    • Wheel Damper Scale 0.2
    • FFB Mecanical Trail Scale 1.0
    • Force Feedback Minimum Force 0.6 - 0.7 (depends if you want a more heavier feel and more reaction from the Sensitivity setting)
    • Force Feedback Load Sensitivity 0.5
    • Road Feel 0.5
    • Offroad Feel 0.1
    • Steering Sensitivity Default

    Podium DD Settings are:

    • FFB 40
    • Sensitivity Auto (I am not sure if this works. Otherwise set to degree you want)
    • FFS PEAK
    • NDP 20
    • NFR 0 (you could raise like Dominic suggested to stop wobble in center position)
    • NIN 0
    • INT 3
    • FEI 100
    • FOR 100
    • Rest as you like. I always use 100 BRF and calibrate manual.

    I have an BMW M340i in rl and had an Audi S3 before. My ultimate goal is to try to emulate the steering wheel feel of those, I managed to do that in Forza 7, but in FH5 I am still a bit off. My game constantly crashes so testing and tuning the wheel is a real pain. I think I will have to wait for a patch that fixes the crash issues with fanatec wheels

  • Double check your steering deadzone under advanced settings. I could have sworn I verified this when I started the game, but after three weeks I was looking through the settings and found a deadzone of 5 in the steering. No idea why. Did the update do this? Maybe when I reverted settings to default while testing the various FFB is the most likely reason. Either way, just double check it and make sure it's at 0.

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