CSL DD in DD mode keeps Discord in Online status

Nothing major but I've noticed that when I'm in CSW mode, Discord will go to Away status fine but in DD mode, Discord is always in green Online status.


  • really? 😆😆😆

    what if you set the CSL DD in whatever mode you want, then get into discord.

    do not touch DD after that, other than to turn it off.

    i notice it does funny things to ACC if you turn the DD off b4 ACC.

    so now that is the first thing i turn on and last to turn off. run every other program in between.

  • I think I've done that. Wheelbase has always been on and in DD mode and I closed Discord when I wasn't at my desk and reopened it when I return, so similar what you suggest.

    It always remained on DD mode but since Forza Horizon 5 release, I've used CSW mode and noticed the Away status now works.

    Anyway, if Fanatec come across this post, it's just something to note.

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