Fanatec CLS Elite V1.1 with esport f1 wheel clunk noise / tick noise - HELP -

When I turm my wheel from left to right or right to left with a little bit of force in game / in a corner I get a pretty loud clunky noise. It sounds like something is loose or not fit tight enough. I have tried manny things, like screwing bolts in the base more tight or bolds in the quick release and more. Also when you hear the noise my quick release goes 1mm forward and backwards. I would like to hear and explanation.




  • Do you have the QR1 Lite quick release? The plastic one?

    I have the same problem. Under load, when I turn the steeringwheel from side to side, I feel the wheel move a tiny bit, which makes a loud noise. And it feels awful...

    It is caused by play in the quick release. I wonder if this is a normal problem for the cheap plastic quick release, or if I am just unlucky with the one I got?

  • The eSport F1 wheel does not have an exchangeable QR. It always has the metal QR.

  • I just got the CSL DD with 180 boost kit and have the same problem with both wheels(new) that I purchased(CSL Elite WRC and CSL Elite McLaren GT3 V2). I feel the problem is definitely in the QR1 Lite quick release not fitting properly. I put in a service query on the subject but have not heard anything yet. Really distracting when you are racing hard and change directions feeling the click in the wheel. Without headphones you can also hear the click. This is my first purchase of a wheel base from Fanatec so hope they will follow up with a solution.

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