Getting order early?

Maybe this is a stupid question, but I'm going to ask in any way.

I ordered the CSL DD on the 1st of November with an availability date of the 3rd of January. But just now I got an email which says ''Your fanatec order will be shipped soon.'' Also, the order status changed to "the order has been processed." Does that mean I'll get the order early?

PS. sorry if I made some grammar mistakes, English is not my main language.


  • I don't know. I received the same a week ago (not for the CSL DD though), with a status of "warehouse processing", and it's been in that status since. No updates, no tracking number, etc.

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    I had my delivery set for 9th of December, got my CSL DD and everything else today.

    The Fanatec e-mail I got on Wednesday.

    So I am happy as can be, obvi.

    Peace and love

  • What? You guys ordered in early Nov 2021 and getting it in 3-4 weeks?

    I ordered on 9 Jun and received it 19 Oct... 🙄... you cannot imagine how it felt for more than 4 mths.

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    I'm from the UK and recieved an email on Wednesday 17th. Checked my order on Fanatec website today and now have a UPS tracking number stating "Label created" which means that the item has yet to be collected from the Fanatec Warehouse.

    I placed my order at the end of October with a antisipated delivery of 8th December.


    Update UPS status "On the way" 😊😊👍️

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    David Chieng

    That most have been so frustrating. Building a decent stock before release would have been kinder. But then these are not, and have not been normal times.

  • no worries, i was willing to wait as i knew the wait time when i ordered...

    just loving the base right now... all good all good... 👍

    once you get yours do read up on driver download and firmware updates. great care needed!

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