Fed Ex. I hate being lied to.

If they would just tell the truth. they're backed up. Driver called in sick. what ever it may be. Don't lie!


  • It kind of is what it is right now. I recently had a package (not Fanatec), that got within 200 miles of me just to get returned back to sender for damage. In other words....Fedex damaged it, and returned it.

  • DHL and UPS are great, FedEx worst ever and no one should use it.

    With Google search you can find just negative experiences.

  • Almost the same thing with me. Fed-Ex said they tried to deliver but i was "closed"or not open. I was at home the whole time so i waited two days for them to try again.....they tried to give me the wrong package (someone elses package} called the driver on that mistake and all i got was ..."oh sorry" he goes back on the truck and gets the correct package {finally}

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