I ordered the CSL DD along with the table clamp around 2 weeks ago thinking that it would arrive around January 3rd like the website says. Yesterday I got an email saying that it was being processed in the warehouse. I am yet to receive an email from UPS to tell me its being shipped but I just want clarification if I am getting the CSL DD really early or am I just getting the table clamp and the wheel base will arrive at a later date?


  • If you ordered them together then they will be shipped together, when they all become available.

    So an earlier item that was available will be set aside until the last "available" item is at hand and all shipped together.

  • The availability date jumped like an hour after I ordered (about 23:00) from 12 Nov to something December. Was a few days in "processed in warehouse". Got the tracking code the day before delivery and it actually arrived on the 12th.

    Ordered a directly available magnetic shifter upgrade set with it and it arrived at the same time as expected and clearly stated when ordering.

    So my experience (on the ordering/shipping) is pretty good (EU).

    On a side note: Hope some CSL DD issues will be fixed soon. But early adopter, so a bit annoying but expected.

  • Yeah I know how it feels. I was originally thinking availability was on the 12th and I got the money for the wheel on the 8th but by then availability was on January 3rd. Hopefully I get it soon but I still haven't received a tracking number.

  • Oh the date jumped, but I got my order in just in time, so it received it Nov 12th

  • I ordered on the 18th of november and received the same email and after contacting them they said it was a mistake and it will be january.

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