No ABS pedal vibration with Clubsport V1 pedals when connected to CSL DD?

I've just swapped my wheel and base from an old Fanatec GT2 wheel to a CSL DD + BMW GT2 V2 Rim but I've kept my Clubsport V1 pedals and connected them via Fanatecs adaptor cable (, the wheel base works great and the pedlals work fine with the inputs visible in the driver software but I have no ABS setting on the wheels tuning menu or in the driver software so I'm not getting any pedal vibration when heavy braking. This function worked great with my old GT2 wheel and could be tuned via "ABS" in the wheels tuning menu.

Am I missing sinething here? I really do need/like the ABS pedal vibration feature especially as the BMW rim does not have any vibration motors so I need that feedbak when the ABS kicks in in-game.


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