What is the change in compatibility mode? CSL DD

In some games, like Forza Horizon 4 I have to use the compatibility mode in CSL DD, so the game shows me the CSW 2.5

I would like to know, if in compatibility mode, the CSL DD reduce something, like feelings, force... or it is completely the same just with other name in game.

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  • It's exactly the same, performance-wise. CMP mode just changes something (device type or ID# ? Something of that sort...) to make the game recognize it as a CSW 2.5 so that it can utilize existing control presets.

  • David ChiengDavid Chieng Member
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    the game needs to be patched to recognise the csl dd as a device and it thinks that it is a csw2.5.

    it will still send whatever ffb signals out to the csl dd and you will still be able to tweak the settings from both the game and fanatec driver software.

    some games will no longer be updated and so we have to use comp mode to use it.

  • Thank you. I thought maybe it could change the fidelity or something like that.

    I have to do it in Dirt Rally 2.0, Forza Horizon 4 and Eurotruck simulator if I want to watch the rev leds and screen in steering wheel.

  • it all depends on the gaming company, and whether they wish to update the game to recognise the csl dd.

    if it is an old game, then they will most probably not be issuing anymore updates.

  • Thanks, my worries were about to lose fidelity, ffb or any detail of the CSL DD in that mode.

  • How do you turn ON compatibility mode?

  • As explained in the manual, you cycle through modes (PC, CMP, XBOX) by pressing and holding the power button for 1 second.

  • David ChiengDavid Chieng Member
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    pc is red. xbox is green. cmp is yellow or off-colour...

    on the on/off switch.

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