Please help me to decide what to buy?!!!


I want to buy a set-up for my son (and for me :-)) but all the options are really complicated and the bundling function on the website is terrible! What would you suggest I should buy? I don't want to spend a huge amount (max approx. $1KUSD) so I think it should be based around the new CSL DD. Must have wheel, 3pedals (clutch) and manual shifter+paddle shift. Is there one version of wheel that can do everything for now? My son is mostly PC. We have a PS4 but no Xbox. Thanks!


  • If you are happy to take the PS4 out of the equation then the CSL DD with Boost Kit ($480), the Clubsport V3 pedals ($360) and CSL Steering Wheel BMW ($140) and Clubsport Shifter ($260) would be a good starter setup.

    Just over your budget - you could do a couple of things to bring the price down but I don't recommend either of them as you will almost certainly feel the need to upgrade quickly - you could buy the CSL pedals with load cell kit for $200 - not yet launched. Pedals are important though - I think the Clubsport are worth the extra. You could also buy the cheaper CSL pedal set with no load cell but you will want to upgrade from them quickly. They measure braking by position rather than force on a load cell so feel less realistic.

    Or you could also but the CSL DD without the boost kit - but it's performance is lacklustre without the boost kit. You would almost certainly want to add the boost kit soon after purchase.

    My suggestion gets you a good setup that gives you everything you need to drive manual cars from day one with no need to upgrade anything - all for less than $1300. You might want to add a second wheel at some point - the McLaren V2 is good value. The reason I took the PS4 out of the equation is the only PS4 compatible wheelbase is the Podium Racing Wheel F1 for $1800.

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    Hi Alex,

    If you don't need console support and you want to stick with PC, then you can go for the lowest priced wheel at the moment, which is the new CSL Steering Wheel BMW. However, the CSL Steering Wheel P1 V2 is coming for 20€ less, and there is also Black Friday version for 20€ less than that, but this will be limited quantities and we expect them to go very quickly.

    For the pedals you can either go for the CSL Pedals + CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit (this combination gives you a clutch pedal as well, you don't need to purchase the Clutch Kit), or you can go for the ClubSport Pedals V3. Both use Hall sensors and the all-important load cell sensor on the brake axis, but the CSL option is a significantly lower price.

    Then the only manual shifter we offer right now is the ClubSport Shifter SQ V1.5.

    The combination of:

    CSL DD

    CSL Steering Wheel BMW

    CSL Pedals

    CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit

    ClubSport Shifter SQ V1.5

    would come to about $940.

    If you wanted an 8 Nm wheel base instead of 5 Nm, then replacing the 'CSL DD' with the 'CSL DD Boost Kit 180 Bundle' would come to about $1070. I would highly recommend going for the Boost Kit. The CSL DD is extremely impressive at 8 Nm.

    You can replace the steering wheel with any wheel marked 'Xbox' on our site and this whole setup will also work on Xbox.

    If you need PlayStation support, then the wheel base needs PlayStation compatibility. Right now our only option is the Podium Racing Wheel F1, which is in a totally different category, at $1799.95 for just the base and wheel. However, we have new PlayStation products in development... so you might want to stay tuned...

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • This is very helpful! Thanks. However, when I tried to put together a bundle on the site it won't add the CSL DD with boost kit?? Am I doing something wrong or is it because it's on pre-order??

  • FWIW, I own a CSL DD without the Boost Kit, and I don't find it to be at all lackluster.

    It all depends on what your experience is prior, what wheelbases you've used previously, what kind of setup or rig you'll be installing everything to, and what your expectations are. Everyone's different of course, but I don't think you should feel obligated to immediately go for the boost kit just because "more is better". Both the 5Nm and 8Nm versions are brilliant pieces of kit.

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    look for the csl dd boost kit bundle. click details and the next page will have an option to add to cart.

    do note, whatever additional items you add with something on pre-order will only be sent when that item on pre-order is available. shipping is cheaper that way too.

  • I'm trying to put together a bundle in the configurator but the CSL DD + boost kit will not 'add'. I can add it to my cart but not the configurator???

  • I'm trying to put together a bundle in the configurator but the CSL DD + boost kit will not 'add'. I can add it to my cart but not the configurator???

  • How do you have one of these if it's on pre-order only? Do you have a pre-production model?

  • The CSL DD has been available for months now but is being launched in pre-order waves. The pre-order availability date will change every few months as different waves are shipped.

  • The pre-order for the CSL DD came out in June and those who ordered in June have almost all received theirs. But because manufacturing can never catch up with demand, it will always be in pre-order.

    I paid and waited 4 months to receive mine... standard PSU. The details are all there. I am happy with the 5nm but will get the 8nm PSU just to try out. 😋

    I think the configurator has not been working for awhile. I remembered it worked for the old belt base, CSW, which is no longer in production. Unsure if they updated their site for the CSL DD.

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