Setting it all up

Hi, I'm new to Fanatec, and am a bit startled at how little guidance there is to setting the kit up and configuring it?

Where can I find out for instance how to turn on the LED's on my Clubsport Porsche wheel, or turn on the pedal vibrations? Ive loaded the FanLab and tried everything in there, but none of it seem intuitive, and no matter what I select, I can get the LEDs to work. Id also like to to show my position and last lap time etc, all of which seem to be options ion FanLab, but nothing happening on the wheel.

Basically, where can I find all the info

And why cant I calibrate the wheel in Project Cars 2? :( Trying to assign an axis , doesn't pick up the wheel turning?


  • I have the same question ... It seems that game makers and the sellers for some of the very best hardware prefer $$$ to satisfied customers... Good luck!

  • David ChiengDavid Chieng Member
    edited November 23

    Did you check the project cars section of this forum?

    It is the game that has to send the information to the base and wheel. If nothing is sent, then nothing will happen unfortunately.

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