My Fanatec first order experience.

Tried to order I got an error while making payment 3 times I switched to paypal but after I paid the website crashed. I was charged on paypal but had no confirmation email or any order showing on fanatec website. After contacting customer support they said the payment went through partially but not the order and to send proof of order and what I ordered and they would update it manually.

After that the order was showing on fanatec website as processing. I received an email shortly after saying the order was in warehouse processing and would be shipped soon and I should receive a tracking number the status on website said order had been processed.

I contacted support to ask a question about the order and they are now saying the email, invoice and order status are all a mistake and sent in error. I know when I ordered the csl dd that it said january 3rd availability and I accepted that when I ordered but after the hassle with website crashing and order not going through but payment taken then the email and order status Im not confident in actually receiving anything anytime. Just seems unprofessional and unorganised.


  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Leeann,

    I'm sorry to hear that your order experience hasn't gone that smoothly so far. I saw that you were able to contact a customer service agent via the Live Chat and they confirmed that a technical issue had accidentally triggered the 'processing' email.

    Your order is definitely on the system and is estimated to ship on the date indicated in the 'orders' section of your Fanatec account.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • ok thanks.

  • There doesnt seem to be any estimated date in my orders?

  • It is only "availability date" that you can refer to. And that may move further forward/backward due to whatever reason. I find this system better than one where you can only purchase when they have the item in stock. It is a premium item and the cost to you is the wait time. 😏

    Your order will only be dispatched when all the items have been allocated to your order. For example if you have ordered a wheel and base and the wheel is currently available and base availability is 3 Jan, your whole order will only be sent once they have the base, which is currently expected to be 3 Jan. You will not receive your wheel earlier.

    For whatever reason if you wanted your wheel earlier, then you had to originally put in 2 orders separately, but the total shipping costs will be higher. Cheaper to send both items in 1 order.

  • Ordered the new dd bundle. The very first msrkrting add was "ready to ship" then the express has "immediate shipping". Today is day 7 and still no shipment confirmation!.

  • Leeann MuirLeeann Muir Member
    edited December 2021

    I received the email warehouse processing on the 16th of December shipping soon then nothing. I ordered the boost kit separate on the 13 of December I think and it came in 5 days.

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