Podium Wheelbase DD2 DirectInput error after Updating to Firmware 684

We use several DD2 WheelBases in a hardware simulation stand. We have a small C++ program under Windows which uses DirectInput to switch on and change ForceFeedback. We use mainly the Constant Force Effect. This works well until we update the Firmware of the WheelBase to 684. After that we get an 'Unknown Error' from Windows when we try to start the created Constant Force Effect.

Firmware 689 also not working...

  1. Some one maybe an Idea why
  2. Is there a way to revert the wheel-base to an older Firmware? I did not found a way to download older Firmware!

Its a big pity for us. As long we have no solution on the software side or can revert the Firmware, we out of business with our expensive hardware setup...

Hopping for any kind of help.


Jürgen Riegel

[email protected]


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