Connecting Clubsport V1 pedals via USB?

Driver 429 and Fanalab v1.60.2 is the only Fanatec drivers and/or software I have installed at the minute.

My V1 pedals work fine when connected to my CSL DD wheelbase and IIRC they show up as CSL pedals or something in the Fanatec Control Panel and the input bars all show that everything is working fine (which it is). But they don't show up in Fanalab at all and I wanted to see if I could get the proper ABS vibration motor working from ACC's telemetry rather than the fake simulated vibration so figured maybe I need to connect the pedlas via USB in order to get Fanalab to recognise the pedals...

Once connected via USB they still show up in Fanatec Control panel but none of the input bars move when the pedals are pressed and the handbrake bar is constantly at 100% (I don't even have a handbrake) and the pedals do not work in game.

So, am I missing some driver or something that I need to install along with 429 in order to get the pedals working via USB?

I'd totally understand if the pedals are not supported in Fanalab as they are very old now but aside from Fanalab I can't get them working via USB in the regular Fanatec Control Panel and thus not in game either.


  • I can't be the only one still using V1 pedals? lol

  • I keep meaning to try this out, and keep forgetting. I'm not sure connecting via USB is the way to go here. My v1's are connected via RJ12 and I managed to get them to show up as v3's in Fanalab. There's a little drop down arrow near the picture where you can select them, IIRC.

    I'll try messing around with this hopefully later tonight and see what I can come up with.

  • Well, I played around with it for a bit, but came up empty. When connected via RJ12, I can force Fanalab on the Main screen to see the v1's as v3's (or v3i, or CSL Elite pedals, or some other options).

    But no matter which type of pedals I select, when I go to the Vibration menu, it still says "Pedal Brake: Not available".

    I can't seem to find any kind of a manual for Fanalab that might shed some light on this. The zip file with the installer has a couple of pdfs included, but they're not particularly helpful.

    Maybe getting accurate brake rumble from telemetry is just not something that can be done with the v1's. It sounded like Maurice was saying that it *could* be though. I dunno, unless maybe it does require them to be connected via USB, which I'm not totally eager to do since it involves me crawling around on the floor to access the bottom plate and switch inputs. If I'm going to do that, I want to know ahead of time that it'll be worth it.

  • Thank you for having a look! Seems you have the same results as me when connected via RJ12 then, I'm sure I've had mine connected via USB before but that was with the very old drivers that I had with my old 911 GT2 wheel so maybe USB support for them just isn't a thing any more with newer drivers. I'm going to have to buy some V3's now aren't I :'-(

  • Yeah I've been considering the v3's for a while but always put it off since I've never felt like the pedals have been the weak spot of my setup. A testament to how good the v1's are, even after 10+ years!

    Not gonna lie, the new CSL pedals with load cell look like they stack up pretty nicely against the v1's. For the money you save vs the v3's, I might have to consider them. Would be nice if there was a tuning kit for it though (aside from the purely cosmetic one currently on offer).

    Besides, good as the v3's are, they are getting a bit long in the tooth IMO. I'm hoping that before too long, Fanatec will either unveil a v4 or possibly even a Podium range of pedals, to compete with the higher tier offerings from Huesinkveld and the like.

  • My V1's are still going strong because like you said they are still very good, in the 10 years I've owned them all I had to do was replace the load cell once. The only reason I'd get V3's is purely for 'real' ABS and TC vibration from the games telemetry but I'm not even 100% sure it that's even a real thing and if it is, whether it works with ACC.

    That said though with TC and ABS being such a prominent feature in ACC you can almost just mash the pedals and not worry about it anyway. Back when I first got my V1's I think I was playing Forza 2 at the time and then Forza 3 and being able to run ABS off on game and use the vibration in the V1 pedals to alert you that the tyres were about to lock up was a game changer as you could really push the limits. I'm not too sure if the V3's are worth the money for someone who already has V1's. On paper the V1's almost worthless on the used market whereas the V3's are still fetching £350 (GBP) so that's a big price difference for not a massive difference IMO.

  • I might just look into a pedal rumble kit from eBay that runs off of simhub and see if I can get some stronger vibration that way that is also taking from game telemetry. Could be cheaper than upgrading to V3's and also possibly have stronger vibration too.

  • That'd be interesting if you decide to go that route. Please post your thoughts and results here if you do!

  • Wayne LiWayne Li Member
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    FYI. Try Fanaleds. This app have been around for years before Fanalabs. I am using V1 via USB with CSW 2.5. The RJ12/PS2 cable is not showing the vibration option. I am using driver verson 439.

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    BLI only support v3 pedals

  • Incorrect. I own and use a set of CSP v1's connected to my CSL DD via a PS/2-to-RJ12 cable, and BLI works perfectly fine. I set it to 80, and when I depress the pedal to 80%, it rumbles just like I'd expect.

    But the point is moot, however, as OP was looking for a way to get telemetry-induced rumble from the v1's brake pedal, not the "canned" rumble that BLI provides.

  • yeah, i was just quoting what was on displayed. I might give the  PS/2-to-RJ12 cable a try again for the BLI.

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