Checkout isnt working

Checkout does not work. 

It shows a rotating wheel but the paypal page does not appear and nothing happen.

Have tried it on several devices since several hours…


  • Which site is this? US, EU, Japan or Australia?

  • David ChiengDavid Chieng Member
    edited November 26

    Can we pay using credit card? Some customers have been having problems paying for items using Paypal. Scroll further down or to page 2... under recent discussions.

    I pay using Paypal too and so I am just a tad worried for my order later today...

  • I ordered the CSL Load Cell Kit today.

    I also did not have a transfer option.

    Look at your email address Fanatec will send you the data for the transfer.

    The bank details and the payment reference number were given in my email address.

    It may take a while before you receive an email.

  • I could not check out on my iPad. Eventually tried MacBook and completed checkout immediately paying on PayPal.

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