CSL DD - Shipping and Pre-Ordering

I pre-ordered the CSL DD yesterday, November 24th, and it said the availability date was January 3rd 2022. Now, one day later, November 25th, it says the availability date is June of 2022. Am I still locked in for my original order date (subject to shipping delays expressed in the tick-box), or is the move back to June 2022 the shipping delay?

If anyone has had an experience like this before please let me know. Thanks!


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    My order was supposed to be sent on November 29, today the date was changed to January 3. to my question, why was the answer received the ship is delayed. My opinion is just a hoax and it's just easy for them to tell a fairy tale about a pandemic and delays, my order went to other people because the ship arrived in America without delay, since other goods whose date was November 29 were updated as they arrived at the warehouse. Interestingly, who buys a base with an 8nm power supply, there are no delays in this way they force people to buy an expensive bundle? this is a bad attitude towards customers. They can easily change your order for the month of June for 2023. There is no trust.

  • I have read others had issues like that and the date changed later again. Apparently it was some technical hiccup.

    Do remember to add a few on top of the availability date before you receive it. Manage your expectations.

    I ordered my CSL DD on 9 Jun. Availability date stated as 8 Oct. Tracking number received on 9 Oct. Received my CSL DD on 19 Oct. UPS delays.

    You can still cancel your order and look for something else which is in stock and available to be sent out immediately though.

  • yes, I know that the availability dates are indicated in the order and about the possibility of cancellation and purchase of another brand, I waited 2 months and it's funny to read that the wheels arrived on time and there is no base, they are all carried by one ship. If you think in general about the terms of availability of csl dd, the difference of 6 months between 5 and 8nm power supplies looks ridiculous and suggests an artificial sale of the csl dd base more expensive.

  • I agree with you Aidos. I ordered the 5nm version regardless of the ridiculous June ETA. There cannot be a six month lead time on the PSU's, I just do not believe it.

  • I ordered my CSL DD on the 14th November, on the 18th I got an email stating my order was processed and would ship soon, a week later I had no updates so contacted fanatec and they said this was a system glitch and they are waiting on stock for the CSL DD. I checked my account today and my order status has changed to processing however my availability is still for the 3rd of January (possibly because I placed my order 10 days before your's)

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