Will my new product work, straight out of the box without driver install?

I’ve purchased the csl elite f1 + PS4, it arriving today. I don’t own a pc only Mac and cannot install driver using this, as I’ve been reading in many places, is this true? If it is so, can anyone please tell me if my product will be unusable until I can download driver to the wheelbase or will it work straight out of the box? Thanks


  • It is usable straight out of the box. Have been using mine without a problem.

    Was in the same position as you and borrowed a friends laptop to do it cause of the extra steering wheel that needed to mount.

    You shouldn't face a problem but in every update that comes out some small improvements are out as well, plus the compatibility of the new products or something like that.

  • That’s fantastic, thank you. I can’t get hold of a laptop until the weekend, but will update driver then. Thanks again!

  • If you are running a fairly new Mac, you can boot camp install windows 10, you’ll only need~30gb of HDD space. Windows 10 is free to download from Microsoft’s website. Then you have full control over your wheel at any time.

    I actually run iRacing on a Mac via Bootcamp (you’ll need much more HDD space for this).

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