CSL DD recognized by control panel but not detected in ACC or AMS2

My CSLDD with Mclaren GT3 wheel and CSL pedals is recognized fully (all inputs) in the Fanatec control panel.

However, nothing is working in ACC or AMS2.

I'm using Comp Mode CSW v2.5.

I've done a clean driver install.

PC Driver 429

Wheel base

Steering Wheel 41

Any ideas?


  • FWIW the wheel is listed in the game controllers panel.

  • Henry LanierHenry Lanier Member
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  • David ChiengDavid Chieng Member
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    Did you turn on the CSL DD 1st, waiting for your PC to recognise it, then run ACC?

    Reboot your PC too?

    btw you do know 431 is out there, right?

  • Thanks for the quick response.

    Yes to turning on the wheelbase before launching the apps. Doublechecked all was functioning within the control panel.

    is this a known issue with 429?

  • No it's not. It's working fine for everyone else so must be something on your side...

  • Henry LanierHenry Lanier Member
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    Any suggestions for how to fix it on this side?

  • David ChiengDavid Chieng Member
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    you can try going backwards to 423 or 415?


    base off

    uninstall 429

    delete fanatec folder

    reboot pc

    install 423 or whatever

    run driver... should say no fanatec devices detected

    turn base on

    base detected? firmware updates notification?

    make sure nothing running in the backgound of yr pc and do not run anything else when installing or updating ... like watching youtube... you have all the time in the world to do it afters...

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    Always install drivers with the base powered ON to ensure the USB device driver gets installed properly!

    Also after installing the driver you have to do a pc restart to get everything sorted properly!

  • cheers for that!

    but i dont like to install device drivers with the device connected and turned on. much prefer to turn on after and if not detected, then i will reinstall again.

  • But its recommended to do so with it powered on... :D

    Otherwise it can happen that the USB device driver is not properly installed which leads to crashes of the UI, not-recognized devices and other weird glitches.

  • Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately after reinstalling everything again, nothing has changed. The wheel, pedals, and buttons are all detected in the Fanatec Control Panel.

    But in ACC’s Controls area, the wheel, pedals, and buttons are undetected.

    There’s a message at the bottom saying “Use DirectInput compatible devices for driving…”

    The wheel is also missing in AMS2.

    This problem is not specific to ACC.

    Any other ideas?

    Thanks again for your help.

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    The game ALWAYS shows the message “Use DirectInput compatible devices for driving…” on the bottom.

    Thats normal.

    You just have to re-bind all the buttons and axes again because you previously mapped the inputs with the Base running in Comp Mode (visible in the screenshot because all the inputs were made with a FANATEC ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5) and you seem to use the regular PC mode instead of Comp mode now, so you have to map all the inputs once again.

    If you are still using Comp Mode then Windows mixed up USB IDs which it does quite often - same solution, just map the inputs again.

  • Thank you.

    To clarify, none of the inputs from the wheel or pedals show up in the game. They do show up in the Fanatec Control panel.

    I’m unable to rebind because there’s no input making into the game in either Comp or PC mode.

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    So when you click for example on Pit Limiter "Button 10" text then the three dots ... appear and when you press a button on the steering wheel nothing gets registered?

  • Did yet another clean uninstall/install and got it to work. No idea what I did differently. Thanks for your input and patience guys.

  • v429

    ACC was working well but AMS2 was acting weird.

    On a whim I switched USB ports (2.0 to 3.2) and suddenly AMS2 was much happier. Instantly recognized the wheel and was easy to setup/calibrate.

    Back into ACC, I did another round of binding and it’s working as it should too.

    Weird. That combo of base/cable/port has worked flawlessly for months. It wasn’t until messing with drivers that something went sideways. Drove me nuts!

    Thanks for your help again guys.

  • Maurice mentioned above...

    all this while i thought it was windows that controls the usb device driver and not the fanatec device drivers...

  • Marcin BaniaMarcin Bania Member
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    Turn on your base in PC mode (red light on the power switch) then start ACC. CSL DD is recognized by ACC as FANATEC WHEEL.

    Compatibility mode doesn't work for me.

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