WRC 10

Hey All,

Is there a reason that WRC 10 doesnt have its own Fantec Recommended settings?

From what i have been reading it would appear that there is a lot of confusion as to the setttings that would give a good base line both in the game and on the wheel base. Wouldnt the community best be served if fanatec offered some clarity and direction ?


  • I've never understood this, myself. There's Fanatec branding all through the game, and Fanatec even have a WRC-themed wheel. Yet there are no Fanatec Recommended Settings for *any* WRC game, and you have to dig through the "Other Games" forum and hope that you can find something posted by another user.

  • I have asked this question a few times now, and never received an answer from fanatec ,they just refuse to give any explanation for this situation

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