Spin/lockup lights iracing

Hi, is there any way to add that feature to the ITM while on iRacing, is there an update planed or something like that.

Using the CSW 2.5 with PME on fanalab 1.35 and it looks grey (as in not available), why is that?


  • As I understand, each of those features has to be built into the game by the game developer. Probably in this case, the game does not support it/does not provide the data to make it work.

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    This is not possible because iRacing is actively blocking this kind of telemetry data to prevent cheating, therefore FanaLab can’t gather this information and greys out the unsupported features (so pretty much everything). Nothing Fanatec can do.

  • Thanks, for the quick response, surprised to see the pedal rumble does work to some extent on that scenario (at least lockups) then

  • not in FanaLab. Only native rumble vibration, which works pretty bad imo and is not even comparable with what FanaLab COULD do but iRacing doesnt want FanaLab do be able to do.. :(

  • Thanks,

    I also think the rumble could be waaay better, but it is what it is. Guess it's part of that anti cheating of iRacing. Only tells you you are skidding when after you are a couple meters into a world class lockup, haven't noticed it unless purposedly tried to 😅. Hope they find some modern anti-cheat and re-establish those awesome features.

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