CSL DD FFB issue

Hi I have had my CSL DD for about a month now, when I first used it in ACC using the recommended settings here I had a great experience. When horizon 5 came out I had crashing like veryone else and updated my drivers from 415 to 429 to see if that helped.. it did not. I then found in ACC that the FFB was odd.

I then reverted my drivers back and put everything back to the way it was when I first got the set up and triple checked my wheel settings in and out of game but they are still odd.

Description of issues- I have forces through the wheel but they make no sense now, when I am driving in a straight line if I turn the wheel it will strongly oscilate left to right in increasing amounts if not held in place. Under braking the steering is light, there is vibration from road feel but its not right. The biggest issue is cornering,, there is so little 'counter force' that I can drive with just two fingers and a thumb through a whole lap not only that but if the car oversteers and I give some opposite lock instead of the expected resistance to my counter steer the FFB is very strong in the direction oI am turning the wheel for opp lock, it feels like its reversed.

summary- very light feel when conering the ffb strength does not increase with more turn in, oscilation on straights, light feel while braking, oversteer ffb feels like its reversed.

Like I said my settings in and out of game are matched to the recommended settings and I am running the DD in compatibility mode.


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