Fanalab thinks i have two Wheels connected

All of a sudden Fanalab appears to see two wheels. One which is my DD1 and the other is displayed as not connected, Not one of the games now recognizes the Podium Endurance module. And i cannot reconfigure the buttons . ACC appears to as Podium number 2. which is the working one. However but that means re configuring all of the settings , but other games cannot

I don't know how to fix this, can anyone help?


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    It does not think you have two bases. The not available (Wheel Base) is for pedals connected to the wheel base.

    Which pedals have and how do you have them connected?

  • Oh thanks for that (I should read the manual :)),

    I have heusinkveld ultimates pedals connected directly to the USB port on my machine,

    The DD1 is also connected directly to my machine, I have an SQ 1.5 shifter and a Torque key connected to the DD1

    I have the latest Drivers firmware drivers , and the latest copy of Fanalab

  • Then everything is shown properly as it should :)

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    Know i know what it is , I checked all of the usb connections , and found out after swapping them all that the cable for the pedals when plugged into a particular usb port, causes this issue, how and why I do not know. maybe a faulty port

    Thanks for making me think Maurice Böschen

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