DD1 + McLaren GT3 V2...what else do I need?

Hi everyone, I plan to purchase a DD1 + McLaren GT3 V2 in the near future. It looks like it comes with a quick release but "Dave Cam" on YouTube suggested the QR1 since the one it comes with is plastic and may not be able to handle higher torque of a DD wheel. He didn't actually test it though. Is anyone using the quick release that it came with?

Also, is there anything else I need?


  • The QR1 Lite it comes with only enabled Low Torque, that's correct. You need the metal QR1

  • That's mostly true, you'll need the QR1 to enable high torque. It's worth it IMO but it also puts it at the same price as a couple Clubsport wheels that come with the QR1 and magnetic shifters. There is also a minor mod you can do to the QR Lite that will enable high torque without the metal quick release. If it's the only wheel you'll be using, that's what I'd do. Never attempt a full FFB challenge with the plastic QR though.

    Anything else you need? Actually, you should consider picking up the kill switch. I made the mistake of letting my McLaren wheel go and it started violently swinging back and forth. I learned the hard way it's best to hit the kill switch in that situation. Now when any noobs take the seat I always warn them about trying to grab a spinning wheel.

    I personally have the Podium DD, it's Formula wheel, an extra Formula V2.5 wheel, a McLaren GT3 V2 wheel, and a Clubsport RS wheel. Plus the V3 pedals all mounted on a NLR GT Track rig. All my wheels have the QR1, and the McLaren wheel is my favorite. I like the round RS wheel for general driving and shifting, but the buttons are hard to reach so menu nav is awkward.

  • Thank you Matthew, your review of the wheel at the end gave me the final push to pull the trigger on the purchase!

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