Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel Base+ with PS5 FFB issue

I bought the PS5 last week and now I have a FFB issue with my wheel base. It occurs, when I entered the pit or even activate auto pilot. When I leave the pit I loose FFB for 1 or 2 seconds in diffrent corners on the track and then FFB is back. It seems to occur randomly then and in diffrent parts of the track.

I tried:

  • every USB Port on the PS5
  • Diffrent USB Cables
  • Installed GT Sport new from the store
  • Copied GT Sport with settings from my PS4 (where the wheel still works)
  • newest firmware base and motor

Some guys from my Team has the same problem, some not.

I hope, you can help me, its really annoying and I dont wanna switch to my PS4 for only GT Sports. I bought my wheel base in Nov 2019

Here are my settings:

Wheel Base: 

 - CSL Elite Wheel Base+ (PS4ô)

 - FW: 684

Steering Wheel: 

 - CSL Steering Wheel P1 (PS4)

 - FW: Not Supported

Motor Firmware: 

 - FW: 22


 - CSL Elite Pedals LC

Current Tuning Menu Setting:

-TM #1

  SEN: 1090(AUTO)

  FF: 80

  LIN: 0

  NDP: 20

  NFR: 0

  NIN: 0

  INT: 0

  FEI: 50

  FOR: 90

  SPR: 100

  DPR: 100

  BLI: 101

  SHO: 100

  DRI: -1

  MPS: 0

  APM: 1

  BRF: 50

  BRG: 50


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