FFB settings for my CSL DD

Hi all,

I seem to be going down a rabbit hole in relation to setting up the FF, and no idea if I'm heading in the right direction.

I use Fanalab to configure the Tuning for the game I play (Automobilista), an I started with the recommended settings profile in Fanalab, and set the in game FFB settings as suggested on the Fanatec website, but not sure it ever feels right.

A while ago I also loaded a custom FFB file in the required directory, and I've just realised that's probably still there, from my Logitec wheel days.

So my first question is, will that file be having any effect on the settings, given that I am running settings from Fanalab? If so, I guess the first thing to do is reset that file to the original. Also, if it does have an effect over the top of the Fanalab settings etc, is there somewhere I can get a well tuned custom FFB file?

I think the biggest thing I cant quite get to work, is the feeling of loss of traction. Its there, but doesn't feel pronounced quite enough so I can feel it letting go? No idea what setting would help with that, if any?

Apart from this, I'm loving the setup; just cant find anything that solidly describes the connection to all the elements, and what overrides what etc.



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    FFB is very personal. Start from what is recommended and tweak it towards what you like.

    Lost of traction does not come through the wheels that heavily. It is more in terms of what you can feel through your seat in a car. That will not be translated to anything to come through the wheel.

    I know what you want is to feel the lost of grip in the wheels in order for you to catch it. Try turning up the volume of the sound of your tyres and lower the engine sound. I left my tyre sound at 100%, and engine at 50% and everything else lower than that.

    When you have grip in a corner, you can feel the FFB in the wheel, and when you losing rear traction, it lightens? I think we have a strong FFB wheel, this will be more pronounced? What do you think? I am currently using a 5nm CSL DD and have purchased an 8nm PSU to test out my theory.

    But there are good sim racers out there who use really light FFB wheels as that makes it easier for them.

    It is more about choosing the right line and getting the right speed and throttle/brake control. I think pedals are more important than wheels esp brake as I find it difficult to get the right pressure hence getting LC brakes too to try out.

  • Many thanks.

    Any ideas about the combination of fanalab tuning and the FFB file?

    I've set it back to default, in case its interfering, but would love to know if they work hand in hand, as the FFB file has way more data than the fanalab and or in game has.

  • FFB Custom Files and FanaLab work independent from each other and have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

    The Custom File changes the Game FFB, FanaLab (or the Tuning Menu on your wheel) adjusts how the Base reacts to the games FFB.

  • Ah that makes sense, thanks.

    So there is something still to gain from having a good Custom FFB file?

    I remember using one on my logitech and it transformed it, with the biggest gain being able to feel the wheels losing grip mid corner really well

  • I am not using Fanalab currently.

    Will using it improve my FFB feel? Esp mid corner traction that is.

    Currently it is my visual cues and tyre sounds and to a lesser extent, wheel FFB, that tells me if I am losing traction mid-corner.

    I try to use as little programs running behind ACC as possible so as not to load my CPU.

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