McLaren GT3 V2, high torque mode without QR1


I've just upgraded from the CSL DD to the DD1 and I'm using the McLaren GT3 V2 wheel.

Initially I didn't insert the torque key in the back of the base as I don't have the QR1 yet, but once I knew it was on its way I decided I'd put the torque key in so that I'd be ready for the QR1 to arrive.

The base now runs in high torque mode. I haven't modified the wheel in any way and I've checked with my P1 wheel which returns it to low torque.

Is this normal and should I remove the torque key until the QR1 arrives?


  • are you using a metal QR or not? QR1 is the currently used QR for all bases while the QR2 is still in development.

    If you are using the metal QR1 then the base should run in high torque mode.

  • Sorry, no. I'm using the plastic QR that comes already attached to the McLaren GT3 V2 wheel. I've ordered the metal QR but even with the plastic one the base goes into high torque mode.

  • well that should indeed not be possible. As you already suggested, I'd remove the torque key until you got the metal QR. Which driver and firmware are you using?

  • Im just curious how long did it take you to receive your wheel?

  • I pre-ordered the wheel when it 2as first released so I can't comment on the situation at the moment.

  • That's what I'm confused about. It shouldn't happen, yet it does happen. I'll drop the power a bit until the metal QR gets here.

  • So I have the exact same issue...McLaren wheel I just got with the QR1 lite (the plastic turn to lock QR), goes into Hi-Torque on my Podium Playstation DD1. My WRC Wheel, also with the QR1 lite goes into Lo-Torque mode only. What the hell is going on Fanatec???

  • again, which driver and firmwares are you both using?

  • I watched a youtube video with Barry of Sim Racing Garage (I think it's called). He reviewed the McLaren GT3 V2 wheel. He disassembled the black plastic twist style quick release and added the metal quick release. When he took the plastic twist style off, he showed that there's a tab on the back of the quick release that presses a button in the wheel rim putting it in low torque mode. After watching this and after getting my new DD1 the other day, I ordered the QR1 Clubsport quick release adapter so I could use my McLaren rim in high torque mode. While I'm waiting for it to arrive, I put my McLaren rim on the DD1 for the first time and to my surprise, it was already in high torque mode.

    The only thing I can think of is Fanatec built these plastic twist quick releases beefier than their original design and they can now run in high torque mode. I'm not going to turn my settings down, I didn't design this equipment. But if it's allowed to physically run this way, I'm going to run it. The plastic twist quick release seems pretty stout anyway.

    For longevity sake, I'll install the QR1 to the McLaren rim when it comes in, but for now I'm going to run it!

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