DD1 Motor Firmware 0 Problem

Is there a solution to this problem?

Driver and base firmware have been installed successfully.

But When installing the motor firmware, the setting window turns off and there is no change

And still the fan is full load

TRIED List :

  1. Re Install Drivers (V346 beta, V347 Official, V356 Beta, V365 Beta)
  2. Change All USB Ports, Another PC, Laptop
  3. Motor Firmware Manual Update (Error : Connect Device Failed(Error: Initial ping failure : No Response received for ping command.).
  4. Steering wheel not attached to the base & attached Base (Formula V2, Porsche 918RSR)

I have been using it for 2 months after purchasing a new product, but suddenly I had this problem

Please understand that I am not good at English

somebody Help me..........



  • the wheel base motor firmware is showing V0 and when i click update nothing happens, the wheel properties just closes

  • @minkwan

    Did you ever solve your problem? I'm having the exact same issue with my DD1 just a couple days after receiving it

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