Why no more options for CSL DD Pro or saperate sale for base only?

I want the clubsport v3 pedals, the clubsport formula v2.5 and the clubsport RS.

Why you dont sell the CSL DD Pro saparately so ppl can configure the bundle they want?


  • Lovely!

  • First of all, thanks for this thread.

    By reading your answer, Maurice, there a bit of a misunderstanding for me. Just the base (with boost kit, no wheel) compatible for PS/PC will be 599,95€? This would be 120€ more than the equvalent CSL DD bundle, which is 480€.

    Both are same hardware but have different naming, right?

    It would be nice if you could explain this to me. Maybe i mixed up something, there.

    For you to know: I race my CSL Elite PS4 (with V3 Pedals and V2 Formula Wheel) on PC mainly but also on PS4 and PS5 (as soon as i get one). I acutally waited for the PS base to arrive but the actual choice makes no sense for me as CSL DD won't work on PS and the GT Pro bundles is to much hardware and (in my opinion) has a very ugly wheel. Also would make no sense to sell all the stuff i don't need.

    Thank you in advance.

    Looking forward to hear from you.



  • Correct, as the CEO of Fanatec wrote, it's planned to sell just the GT DD PRO wheel base as a standalone Base with the Boost Kit 180 for 599,95.

    It costs more because of the Sony licensing Chip required to be implemented in the base.

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