Order/shipping issue

I got a mail on the 8th of May that my order 1076371 ( ClubSport Shifter SQ V 1.5) was about to be shipped.

In MyUPS i got a notification that i would receive a shipment on the 12th but just 20 min later MyUPS notified

that the shipment was cancelled on behalf of the sender.

I have not received any updated info from Fanatec (nor any delivery) and the Order status is "The order has been Processed"

I've sent mail to the support but no answer from them and I'm getting a bit frustrated.

My previous order worked like a charm and I was very happy with the processing and delivery.



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    Has there been a charge to your credit card? Also when did you send the email to support regarding the issue?

  • Yes my credit card was charged on the 7th of May.

    I sent the mail to support on the 11th.


  • Hey Thomas, check the availability date on the order now. I pre-ordered my shifter at the end of April for the May 8th availability and they have now (just today or yesterday) changed my availability date to June 5th. My guess is the production capabilities aren't able to keep up to demand and as you can tell from the forum everyone is having issues contacting them. Best of luck

  • So Your orderstatus was ”The order has been processed” and then changed to an availabilty date of June 5th?

    Did you as well get a mail that it was About to be shiped?

  • Still no respons from support ....

  • I’m still waiting for some kind of response from Fanatec since my order has been processed. I have not received any shipping info nor any information of a delay. My main concern is that this order has exactly the same status as the one I’ve happily received very swiftly.

  • I've sent you a PM Thomas.

  • Thank you for the information. Very appreciated and I’m satisfied with the response.

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