Podium Button module iracing telemetry shown

Hi everybody. I have the Podium button module with the xbox hub in podium DD1 wheel base. I have the latest drivers and Fanalab.

I have no problems with revolutions leds or flags and in the oled display I can see speed or rpm or position but only one, not everything and I want to see it like promotional photos with the speed, gear, time laps, etc...

I know that you have to uncheck in iracing options the fanatec indicator (I don't remember exactly the name) I did it but yesterday I didn't find it in the options menu. I don't know if iracing has delete the option in the newest updates.

I only race on Iracing and Skipp barber and I have test everything. I have change the podium base oled and I can see the ff or directional graphics but I can't see the telemetry except the speed or the gear.

Thank you very much to everyone and sorry for my awfoul english.


  • You need FanaLab 1.24 which is included in the Software package 1.2 for the BME. And then you need to click the Enable_ITM.reg file. Then you see ITM in FanaLab and you can access the ITM by holding Tuning Menu Button and turn Dpad right or left.

  • Great. Thank you. I will test it tomorrow and confirm if it works.

    Thank you very much.

  • It works great. Thank you very much for your help Maurice!!!!😄

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