Podium Button module iracing telemetry shown

Hi everybody. I have the Podium button module with the xbox hub in podium DD1 wheel base. I have the latest drivers and Fanalab.

I have no problems with revolutions leds or flags and in the oled display I can see speed or rpm or position but only one, not everything and I want to see it like promotional photos with the speed, gear, time laps, etc...

I know that you have to uncheck in iracing options the fanatec indicator (I don't remember exactly the name) I did it but yesterday I didn't find it in the options menu. I don't know if iracing has delete the option in the newest updates.

I only race on Iracing and Skipp barber and I have test everything. I have change the podium base oled and I can see the ff or directional graphics but I can't see the telemetry except the speed or the gear.

Thank you very much to everyone and sorry for my awfoul english.


  • You need FanaLab 1.24 which is included in the Software package 1.2 for the BME. And then you need to click the Enable_ITM.reg file. Then you see ITM in FanaLab and you can access the ITM by holding Tuning Menu Button and turn Dpad right or left.

  • Great. Thank you. I will test it tomorrow and confirm if it works.

    Thank you very much.

  • It works great. Thank you very much for your help Maurice!!!!😄

  • I have Fanalab 1.24 installed and ITM 1.2 and all looks great. I am able to hold the tuning menu and turn the funky switch to change the pages of the display but I get blank times and laps....No data is displayed. Am I missing something?

  • which game?

  • iracing.

  • iRacing should give you Current Laptime, Best Laptime, Position, Laps, Gear and speed, but you need to disable the LED option in iRacing to get it working in FanaLab.

  • This is how I have it set.

  • good, should work when you are on track and driving.

    Otherwise re-install driver and FanaLab...

  • Its not working when driving on track. I just installed the anti lockup firmware yesterday. All seems ok with that. Do I have to re install the driver or should I just install Fanalab again? also, should I just reinstall it on top of itself or should I remove the old fanalabs before I install it again. Will I lose any of my custom settings for Fanalabs?

  • You should always remove old software first, then reboot the pc, then install new software, reboot the pc again.

    Thats the cleanest way to properly update software, at least Fanatec stuff.

    You wont lose anything when uninstalling FanaLab, settings are stored in the profiles and profiles wont get deleted.

  • ok, cool. I always have a hell of a time trying to get the wheel redetected after I update.....that could be the reason why...Since I am in VR, I will not screw with anything since I cannot see it anyhow...everything else works. Next driver update, I will try to uninstall the drivers first and at the same time, I will uninstall Fanalabs and reinstall that as well. Thanks for all your help Maurice....you guys are awesome.

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