WRC shifter stopped clicking

So the right shifter on my WRC wheel lost the haptic feedback. I took a look inside, the foil spring overlay stopped working. The switch still functions. Anybody have experience working with this?  https://youtu.be/-aBbDJWOFu8


  • Those tactile dome switches are nominally rated for millions of clicks but often seem to fail. Nothing you can do to fix it. Conact support and ask them to replace the wheel.

  • Support ticket sent today, we'll see what they say.

  • After do some searching I found that SMR offers a shifter upgrade kit for the McLaren wheel. I know, I have the WRC, but they appear to use the same switch for the shifter. Looked replaceable, so I contacted SRM and Simon can help me with the piece I need. Fanatec also responded and opened a RMA with shipping label to send it in for repair in California. I don't want to be without that wheel for more than 3 weeks. Especially if they fix it the same as I believe I can do now.

    In the install instructions for the McLaren kit, they have you remove the tape and contact pad for soldering on the new shifter wires.

    Step 6

    Now we must solder the shifter wires to the Wheel PCB. You can use plugs on the wires or solder them direct.

    First, remove the tape and contact pad from the shifter button on the PCB

    Next, solder the wires as shown. It does not matter which colour wire goes where. I lightly scuff the PCB contact pad first and then find that solder holds well. Use a hot soldering iron.

    You can add a wire with a plug, but now I just solder the shifter wire direct to the wheel PCB. You can solder anywhere on the outer part, it does not need to be where shown.

  • I imagine Fanatec will just replace the mainboard that the foil clickers are attached to. If I were you, I'd go with the Fanatec official RMA and keep the mod in your back pocket for down the road. Whether that will be three weeks is anybody's guess though...

    I love you for stripping your wheel down, though. Nice to see people willing to work on repairing their own electronics.

  • I was told by Fanatec the repairs could take up to 10 days. And repairs are done with no added cost to me if the wheel is within warranty. I'm three months over the wheel warranty time. So, I ordered the CS static shifter paddles, I think I'll like this better. Plus, It's not worth sending in and paying for the repairs, the switch still works, and I can fix the foil later if I decide to mod the McLaren wheel later.

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