bite point process and usage

Dear friends,

I recently bought the csl elite for ps4 and the formula v2 steering wheel. can you please tell me if the clutch bite point setting can be used without the podium paddle upgrade. and if so. how to use it correctly.

the only tutorial i can find relates to the podium paddles

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  • I dont believe the formula v2 has clutch triggers unless you buy the Podium Advanced Paddle Module. It only has the shifter paddles.

    The listing says:

    Upgrade to Podium Spec. Exchange the Formula V2’s standard metal, adjustable paddles, with components from the modular Podium Steering Wheel system. Upgradeable to magnetic shifter paddles Optional F1-style Clutch

  • ok thanks,

    its a bit un clear because the information says as follows

    Dual analog paddle modesAdvanced clutch bite-point mode, Brake/throttle mode, Clutch/handbrake mode, Clutch bite-point mode, Mappable analog axis mode

  • That is pretty misleading. I believe it only refers to functionality you get if you add the Podium Advanced Paddle Module.

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