McLaren GT3 vs Clubsport V2.5 wheels

Curious which one I should go with? Currently I’m mostly racing the Ferrari GT3 series. Have a CSL DD. Thanks for your input!


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    Hi Rollin,

    The ClubSport Series is above the CSL Series, and this is apparent in the materials used in the Formula wheels compared to the McLaren. The Formula wheels are the more premium wheels in terms of look and feel. But in terms of operation, one of the most significant differences is the size and ergonomics. The McLaren is significantly larger, and some users prefer this, particularly if they have large hands. It is also a more common wheel size for GT3 cars in reality. The size might be the deciding factor for some, others might prioritise the premium materials. So it's hard to say. Both wheels are really popular with our customers.

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  • For me, the deciding factor was the fact that the McLaren has nearly the same functionality as the Formula (more if you consider its analog paddles, which you can't get on the Formula without paying even more money for the advanced paddle module upgrade.) So... roughly 90% of the functionality for half the price made it a pretty easy decision for me.

    The only thing is that I do wish the McLaren used slightly better materials so that the main metal paddles didn't sound so loud and clunky. They also require a fair bit more force to activate than other paddles I've used (I need two fingers... pulling with one is a struggle) so this can lead to some fatigue in longer races.

    All in all though, I'm happy with the McLaren and I'd buy it again if I had to do it all over again.

  • I went with the Clubsport Formula V2.5. When you add in the price of the quick release the Mclaren was only $50 less.

  • Apparently you can make the shifter paddle quieter:

  • I've tried that. It helps somewhat, but short of performing major surgery and completely replacing the paddles with a 3rd-party solution (at which point, why wouldn't you just go with a more expensive wheel in the first place?), there's no getting around the fact that this wheel is loud.

  • Mine hasn't got the felt mod and I don't find it too loud tbh, I know they can be quite loud though because I've heard them on YT videos before I got mine so I anticipated having to do something about it but as it turns out mines quite quiet imo.

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