CS hand brake v1.5 issues

hey all,

Broke the 3.5 mm jack clean off the hand brake. Fixed that with new 3.5mm end, after that it was Loose as hell when plugged in, readings all over the place when you wiggle it. Replaced that female jack inside and had it tested with a multi meter showing the potentiometer? was working. So new everything but still shows 80% as the minimum position when I plug it in. still moves the meter around a bit when you wiggle it, but its either off and not accepting signal, or at 80% Pulling hand brake takes it to 100% but goes back to 80. In game its definitely on. This is plugged into my CSL elite base, the Clubsport V3 pedals do not recognize it when I plug into the handbrake jack in the splitter ( a whole different mystery). So where have I gone wrong here? I have only had this brake for a year and a half!

Has this happened to anyone?

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