drivers for wheel/pedals

hi all, ive had a porsche 911 gt2 with CSR Elite Pedals.............over the years i ve had it ive never known if ive had the correct driver for it.......coz i have a lot of trouble with it. i try to drive in some games and i have no control over anything.

can someone PLEASE reply this post detailing which driver i should use.

i run win 7 on 64bit



  • there you can find the latest driver for your wheel. Note that it’s no longer officially supported and newer games are unlikely to function properly.

  • yep, i understand that......thanks

  • well, i downloaded all those a while ago and my wheel still doesnt work properly...........

    theres 4 there........





    which would you recommend

  • 261 as it's obviously the highest number and therefore latest driver. If you have still issues with that driver then you might think about an upgrade because of incompatibility of your quite old device

  • if i do decide to upgrade it wont be to another fanatec, with the trouble ive had since i bought it new (over $500 worth at the time) i'll be looking for something a little simpler and less error/issue prone.

  • just for your info, driver v261 wouldnt install, got have way and told me i need to install a Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3033929). so i proceeded to install that but windows told me there was no update installer module on my system............i know they have stopped supporting win7 but to remove the update installer.

    anyway, i decided to try an earlier driver, and v205 installed without issue

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