Clubsport Shifter Not Working with DD1

Hello all,

I have a Clubsport Shifter V1.5 now connected to a DD1 (previously connected to CSL Elite with now issues). When I first plugged the shifter into the DD1, I couldn't even get it to calibrate. It kept flickering "Shifter Calibration Mode" on the DD1 display. Fanatec customer service told me my rig had static EMI and that I should ground my rig. After grounding the rig, I could now get the shifter to calibrate, but now there's a new issue.

When I shift into 4th or 5th gear, it goes into gear but will flicker out of gear randomly which puts the car into neutral in game. This only happens in 4th or 5th gears from what I've seen. It pretty much makes the shifter unusable at this point. I've read of other people having similar shifter problems, saying that the Clubsport shifter doesn't work well with the Podium series wheel bases...

Anyone had a similar issue where they found a solution? I don't have the RJ12 to USB adapter but I wonder if that would fix it.




  • Update - I read some other posts on here of people having similar problems. Someone suggested changing the RJ12 cable between the wheelbase and the shifter. The cable I was using with the shifter was the one that it came with originally (and was really long). I changed to a shorter cable that came with my V3 pedals (since the DD1 came with a replacement pedal cable) and now it seems to be working fine. Such a weird series of events, but maybe this will help someone else in the future.

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