dd pro or podium racing wheel ?

hi all im gonna take the big step to change my g920 and i have been wondering and im a bit stuck on something .

I been stuck between getting a dd pro or getting the podium racing wheel now money wise i can kinda afford it

but the thing is i need to buy a playseat as well and if i buy the podium racing i cant afford a play seat while dd pro i could so i would love to hear some thoughts and opinions

im also gonna note im not the best racer but i really enjoy it tho and i do really want the one that feels like driving real life , anyway thanks in advance


  • Tim KocksTim Kocks Member
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    It would be advised to have The Podium Racing wheel mounted on a sturdier rig than a wheelstand or playseat. So that would mean spending even more to get full use out of the Podium DD. Though you can of course turn the FFB down enough till you get a better rig to mount it on.

    Depending on how serious you think you'll get, I'd just go for the DD Pro. Though I'd personally wait till the stand alone PS compatible CSL DD base is available so you can get a better wheel rim. Unless you like the DDP Pro rim or the extra budget allows for a 2nd rim.

    Driving like real life is pretty subjective :) If you want that, save up a few more years and get that DD1/DD2 or better jet a different high end direct drive wheel, a high refresh rate, wide FOV Virtual Reality headset (or big triple screen setup), sturdy rig with a motion platform and some shakers :)

    But enough ppl/reviewers seem to say the CSL DD (Pro) is the closest you're going to get to it for the least amount of money. After that it's diminishing returns if you take the steep price uptake into account.

    I don't have enough hours on it to judge for myself. (gradual transition from T300RS to CSW 2.5 to CSL DD). Form a G920 though, it would be a big step to either of your options.


  • If it's just a "want", and you don't think you're fast enough to warrant $3k on the whole setup, you should pick up the CSL DD. I'd definitely get the load cell kit because that will make you faster, but the boost kit can wait and be the upgrade you get later.

    With the Podium DD you have to go all out. You'd still have to spend a couple hundred on the pedal, and the formula wheel isn't great for everything. You're going to have to spend another $300 on a round wheel or the McLaren. Then you really need a proper rig to give you all that ridged feedback. It's a money pit that you'll be 4k into before you know it.

    The CSL Pro is where I'd go. Plus, the resale market doesn't suck so if you get buyers remorse you can always sell it.

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