Podium Hub - Steering Angle preventing shift paddle response

Good Afternoon all,

I've noticed I have had a problem creeping in, notably last night playing Co-Op F1, but also this morning whilst in ACC and rFactor 2. When the steering is to the left between degrees of -25 and -129, no shifters or clutch paddles work behind the wheel. Its a huge dead spot and I am not sure what is causing it.

I have the Fanatec DD1, Podium F1 wheel with the mounted Podium hub behind (flappy paddle and clutch paddles).

I have tried a firmware update and driver update to no avail. Has anyone had anything similar? and if so, any known fix?

Many thanks



  • Bump.

    I am now getting this error. I have absolutely no idea. I've tried new drivers and old (ones i know that worked) and no matter what the device still responds the same. I am now firmly at a loss. I cant even get in to flash the firmware.

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