F1 2020 for PS4

Good evening.

I think the most stupid thing that is happening is not being able to buy the F1 2020 game for PS4. You cannot start pre-ordering however there are several gaming sites that already have the game in pre-order.

And even if it is not yet available, you should give us a code / voucher so that if you buy a wheel now, you can then purchase the game.

What they are doing has no logic whatsoever.

I want to buy a steering wheel and I'm waiting because I also want to buy the game for PS4.

Does anyone share the same opinion?


  • Apparently you need to thank Sony.

    Fanatec is waiting for approval to sell the game. Sony did not give any approval yet. Where for PC probably no approval needed and Microsoft already approved the deal for Xbox. If in the end Sony never approves Fanatec has a problem when they have given away PS4 vouchers or codes to get the game in the end.

    So you just need to wait till Sony gives approval.

    *PS4 Game Key is currently not available for pre-order, pending approval from Sony Interactive Entertainment

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    Ok. But and the gaming sites that are in pre-order?

    The game will exist for PS4 so sony will aprove.

  • But other gaming sites don’t sell it for €1.

  • It's a game. Fanatec is not selling it for €1. It's an offer if you buy another thing.

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    Well if you like word twisting.

    Other shops dont sell 1 Euro even if you buy 2 other things. Ok now?

    Will this change that Fanatec has to wait for Sony to give the ok in order to go ahead?


    So please just wait for the updates and don't comment for the same thing in each and every sub-forum category that F12020 is mentioned.

  • I have a slight fear that game will not be available for preorder on psn and also on fanatec offer until it officially launched. and the fanatec offer will end by that time.

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