GT Sport with DD Pro and Xbox universal hub problem

DD Pro and Xbox universal hub and all other accessories are on the latest firmware.

All works fine with the GT steering wheel that came with the package.

when using the Xbox universal hub the ps5 recognizes the wheel and I can go through all of the menus and start GT Sport. When I get to the screen to select races the pointer goes up and to the left. I can move it around with the funky button but it always goes up to the left.

I can get the game started but if I am in any cockpit view it just shows like I am looking to the right side and cannot drive. If I use a chase view it works fine - but does anyone actually use that?

if I switch out my Xbox universal hub for my McLaren GT3 v2 wheel, that wheel works fine. The universal hub works fine on the Xbox. Not sure if there is some compatibility issue with this wheel and GT Sport. I really don’t like the small size of the GT wheel that comes with it.

any suggestions?

here is a video of the cursor behavior:




  • "DD Pro and Xbox universal hub and all other accessories are on the latest firmware."

    Nope. They are not and that is your issue.

    That was a known issue of old firmwares and is fixed in the most recent Firmwares included in driver 434.

    So you have to update and your issue is fixed :)

  • Ray NistRay Nist Member
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    That is great!!

    how do I get driver 434? On the universal hub downloads page I only see 429

    Edit / looks like maybe 429 is the latest official driver - is 434 a beta?

  • 434 is release Candidate and will become official very soon.

    It's safe and fixes your issue.

  • Thanks Maurice!

    It isn't a major problem for me. I will just use the GT DD Pro wheel until the firmware is officially released.

  • It IS official!

    There wont be a different driver or firmware available this year anymore. Driver 434 is THE official release driver for the Express versions of the GT DD PRO.

    So... Just use it. ;)

  • I did the update and now the Xbox universal hub works fine in game but I have no use of the ‘funky’ button - is this as designed? I can use a regular PS5 controller for navigation. Just making sure that is the way it is supposed to be.

  • shifter wasn’t working either - put the GT Pro wheel back on and it wanted to calibrate the shifter. Did that and put the Xbox universal hub back on and everything seems to work on GT Sport now. Not sure why I had that issue with the funky button and shifter but both work now.


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    Did you really just ask this question this morning? lol, I literally just got my Universal Hub and encountered this cursor issue in GT Sport last night, and could not get it working. I'm on driver 429, as well.

    So you're saying, updating to the 434 beta fixes this??????

  • Yes. Or more correct: updating to the included base firmware in driver 434 fixes it ;)

  • Thank you!!! This fixed it for me as well! Funny that your thread was the first result that came up in the googles 😃👍️

    I will say, updating my DD is one of the scariest experiences around. The potential of making this a 20-lb. paperweight is horrifying...

  • I have flashed thousands of firmwares in the last 10 years I am a Betatester for Fanatec and only one firmware update went wrong - in 10 years.

    The risk is very minimal to damage anything.

  • Awesome!!

    Yeah - when I started having strange issues right after the update with the ‘funky’ switch my heart started beating real fast!!!

  • Maurice - do you know if there is a preferred method for starting up the GT DD Pro if you are going to play PS5 or Xbox?

    Should I turn on the console first and then the DD Pro and set it to its correct mode, or turn on the DD pro, set the correct mode and then turn on the console? Seems I sometimes have problems getting it recognized when switching from console to console.

    thanks for all of your help!!!

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    Congrats on landing a GT DD Pro! I was waiting 6 months for that announcement, checking the web multiple times a day. Eventually I got tired of waiting, and after seeing how ridiculously expensive CSL DD's we're going for on eBay, I just screw it, I'll just buy a PS4 Podium DD direct from Fanatec. Of course, days later, Fanatec announced the GT DD Pro.😂 I couldn't be happier though!

    Thank you, Maurice, for all your help!

  • Markus MeuterMarkus Meuter Member
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    You mentioned to me in another thread that the official 4.34 would release this week, so I figured might as well wait for that, but if I understand you correctly here, the official release on the driver page will not differ at all from this release canidate?

    I've been holding off from beta drivers/release candidates so far because I'm entirely new to Fanatec, and because I was a bit worried by the people in the beta forum, who still report issues with the 4.34

    EDIT: since I'm at it, could you please also let me know, if the old drivers and fanalab need to be uninstalled before installing new versions?

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