Fanalab/vibration Iracing

Evening all.

First of all apologies if anyone has had this issue or it has been discussed before.

Had a strange event in Iracing tonight (F3/Silverstone). Recently starting using fanalab, and quite like it actually. Problem was at the race start, on the grid waiting for the field to form up/join. The wheel started vibrating as if SHO was constantly on. Didn’t stop till the mad rush of stopping fanalab all together. Tried loading a different fanalab profile but was the same. Had to run the race without fanalab on. It was fine all through free practice/practice and qualifying.....

Thanks in advance to all....


  • Should add I’m using a CSL ELITE PS4 version....👍

  • What do you mean with vibration?

    The CSL Elite PS4 P1 wheel doesnt have vibration motors, so nothing could vibrate.

    Also, especially in iRacing, FanaLab cant to much because pretty much everything regarding vibrations and LED stuff is blocked by the poor iRacing telemetry.

  • Sorry mate, I’m using the Clubsport F1 rim which I believe has the vibration motors inside.

  • Yes they do.

    But as said, FanaLab doesnt support vibration features in iRacing because iRacing blocks this to prevent cheating.

    What you COULD feel is the Engine vibration which is pretty much the only supported vibration feature as you can see in FanaLab itself as everything else is greyed out.

    Best for iRacing is to disable every vibration feature in FanaLab and just use the native support (which could also even interfere with FanaLab if you use both together at the same time).

  • Thanks Maurice, I thought that myself earlier this evening. Thank you for replying mate.

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    I had this. You need to turn off the abs vibration in the iracing options. I’m not at my pc now but it’s in the same place as led and Logitech wheel options

    i think it’s only supposed to be for the fanatec pedal motors but when it’s ticked it was constantly vibrating my v2 wheel rumble motors even though it was off in fanalabs. I don’t have fanatec pedals so not sure but unticking it fixed the vibration.

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