Something is wrong with Fanalabs with AC. Some cars have constant wheel spin and bad FFB. Need help.

So in AC, some of the cars have constant wheel spin, and I have to have their own profile with the flag LEDs and vibration for wheel spin off. The FFB in these cars is really bad compared to others too. In the Tatuus, the FFB is really choppy and violent. Another car with the issue is the Ferrari 312T. I've come across a few others.

The weird thing is that if I launch the came with Fanalabs NOT running, the cars don't have the constant wheel spin. That's with the firmware manager running, but not fanalabs. So I don't think the issue is with AC, CM or the firmware.

CSL DD 5nm, Fomula V2.5x, V3 Pedals on PC with Content Manager. I use compatibility mode, but I've tested PC mode, same issue. Tried recommended settings, my own settings, other peoples settings.

Ive tried reinstalling drivers, fanalabs, the game, just the cars, and nothing has worked.


  • FFB settings 'in game' in AC is different for each car. You have to customise it to your preference or the game will use the standard settings. After you get into the car, bring up the HUD menu options, moving the mouse all the way to the right, there will be a FFB controller option. Adjust that. It will be different for each car, as naturally, each car is different and FFB will be different. 🙄

  • Everything there is normal. The car has constant wheel spin when moving, except when on the brakes.

  • Having exactly the same issue with latest fimware/driver/fanalabs version (also had it on older version but update did not solve issue).

    Did you ever find a solution to this that isn't turning off the wheel spin rumble in fanalab?

    Other people report similar probelms and report setting BLI to 100 rather than off fixes it, doesn't work for me though.

  • Georg HundGeorg Hund Member
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    I'm getting now similar problems with my DD2. I will get a defined constant FFB strength and constant slow/ highly dampened steering wheel spin speed after a crash in AC and FanaLab is running. The problem only shows up if I crash into a object in single player or get involved into a crash with other cars in multiplayer. Without FanaLab there is no problem. I almost only do drifting in AC and just as somebody hits me to hard following me in a tandem I have to restart the game. Everything worked now for years perfect. I reinstalled the game, CM, CSP, FanaLab, wheelbase driver and still get the problem if FanaLab is running.

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