LED Rev Lights and LCD dim and/or flickering slightly all of the sudden

On my brand new CSL DD and 918 RSR rim that is new. Only used for a week. Just happened randomly when hopping into ACC...but does it everywhere outside of games, too. Tried flashing firmware, reseating cables, updating software, restoring PC to previous day where it worked...nothing. Rumble test on my wheel doesn't work.

When I perform the LEDRev test in the firmware/driver it only lights up the red/yellow, but not as bright as usual. The last 3, the blue lights, don't light up. This is with or without Fanalab installed and on.

Not sure if this is a base issue or wheel issue? I put in a ticket but I am nervous that I finally received my new

products for almost $2k and now there is some random issue that I might have to ship back right before my break!!!!!! AHHH!! Please help! Googling not finding any problem similar to mine...


  • So I think its my Quick release system...I have put in a ticket but they asked for a video...I gave them like 10 replies of trouble shooting steps and 3 videos of the issue. If you put some force on the wheel, not much, but kind of pull it down, it disconnects. So it is definitely some sort of connection issue. I have had this wheel for about 7 days now, if that, as my CSL DD just got delivered from my September order. This should not be happening!

    Fanatec, please help.

  • my csl dd disconnects during iracing under same circumstances. It does appear to be related to slight pulling down on the wheel too. Tried all the suggestions...can happen after 2 minutes, or 30 no pattern to it. All fittings are tight and latest firmware.

    I have tried other games, but in the 20 odd minutes I raced each it didn't happen. (3 other games)

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