order error

hi it has been a while since I have been unable to complete my order by completing the payment with my credit card mastercard always tells me payment rejected as my bank has verified and everything is ok


  • There are some issues with the web blocking payments, which are being worked on. Sometimes due to an Anti-fraud feature on the credit card. I would first try calling them and asking to pre approve a charge from Endor for the amount in your basket and see if it processes. If not, the second option is to try using PayPal as the payment type. These options do work for some. In my case the PayPal option worked with no issues.

    Sorry for the inconvenience as they work out the bugs. Let me know if either of these options work.

  • what is the solution ?

    I tried at least 10 times to complete the order but nothing to do

  • Hi Salvatore,

    Sorry for the delay. I would send an email to [email protected] and explain you are trying to process an order that is being rejected. They should be able to help you further.

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