Clubsport Formula V2 Button Caps Irrelevant

The button caps supplied with the V2 are a serious disappointment. Caps 1 to 4 are useful to replace the Xbox? buttons but most of the others are well misplaced for a Formula wheel. For example the horn and windscreen wipers - on an F1 or F2 car??? - and probably all other open wheelers.

The set needs to be reviewed and revised to include F1 appropriate button caps including DRS and pit limiter for example. Fewer buttons but more relevant would be a major step forward.

One shouldn't need to spend another €50 to get relevant buttons for an already pretty expensive bit of kit.

Oh, and where is the decode for the button captions fitted on the left hand side??


  • The set is the same for EVERY new wheel since the McLaren was released I think, no special ones for a specific type of steering wheel and honestly if would be a ridiculous task to provide different caps for different wheels. Its in the end just an additional option which Fanatec kindly gives to you as a free bonus.

    You can buy the Button Caps and Sticker set to create caps which match your vision of which caps should be used on a Formula wheel.

  • OK. But a few "free" buttons could be F1/F2 related?

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