Podium wheel base doesn't appear to talking to my PS5


MOst probably a daft question and an obvious solution I'm missing but.................... new to consoles and new to fanatec so here goes.

New PS5 today and have a new Fanatec Podium F1 wheel/base with clubsport pedals.

F1 and GT Sport games all installed properly on the PS5 and can be played with hand controller. Wheel base powers up as does the wheel itself and I've adjusted the setting from PC to PS4 and then various feedback settings via menus on the base with the wheel. On each of the games though they don't seem to be recognising the wheel base. Any ideas where I've gone wrong. Looked through the full instructions and other than downloading the latest firmware I'm at a loss.

Apologies in again for the no doubt daft question and Happy Christmas :-)


  • All sorted folks. Unsure what was happening last night but turned on this morning to have another crack and everything is recognised.

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